Dragan Mars, not contemporary vocalist, guitarist, composer, arranger, poet, recording artist and painter, was born on March, 2nd 1974. in Belgrade, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), at the crossroads of different cultures, customs, dogmas and beliefs.

Older then two children. Dragan Mars has a younger sister Jelena. He grow up in a record – collecting music family that listened quality music. Dragan Mars was surrounded with fabulous jazz, blues, gospel and country. His mother Radmila wrote poetry and his father Miodrag was an electrical - engineer and passionate jazz records collector.

at 11 months

at age of 4

When Dragan Mars was one year old, his favourite band was George Baker Selection and his favorite song, “Sing A Song Of Love”, a major hit of the time, with which Dragan Mars made his first steps. When he was eleven, Dragan Mars got his first acoustic guitar. He’s realized that music had no boundaries, regardless of the colour of the skin, race or religion. Jimi Hendrix’s version of “Hey Joe” left a big impression on Dragan Mars and was crucial in deciding to devote to guitar and music in general. The first song he ever learned to play on guitar was “Angie” by The Rolling Stones. Dragan Mars is almost self-taught musician. He learned to play by listening to records, reading music books and other music literature, attending concerts and watching videos. According to Dragan Mars himself, three people left the biggest impression on him: Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Miles Davis.

After completing his education, he spent a year in the army in the south of the country, during the Balkan war. When he finished his service, Dragan Mars returned to Belgrade and began working on his music career. In early 1995. he began composing songs, inspired by the things that surrounded him. 1996. Dragan Mars form his own amateur band, but due to the general crisis and poor political situation in the country, he has had to put his career on hold.

In 2001. with Rock Union, Dragan Mars realizes the album “Velika Je Ljubav” (Great Is Love), produced by Laza Ristovski, under the label “Hi-Fi Center”, with limited distribution. Dragan Mars appeared for the first time as a writer and composer. Now he remembers that time with great nostalgia and pride. The same year, after the band broke up, Dragan Mars decides to pursue a solo career.

In the "Music Factory" Studio
Recording "Street Dancer"

In September 2002. Dragan Mars went to one of Belgrade’s the best studios and began recorded his first solo album in English “Street Dancer”. The album was produced by Alexandra Stojanovic. Over the next four years, Dragan Mars and his band toured consistently, playing various clubs, venues and festivals. Were positively received with rave reviews. This gave him the encouragement to keep going in the same direction.

In September, 2006. he goes to Stockholm, Sweden, where he meets legendary gospel pianist, Per Erik - Hallin who performed with the king of rock and roll himself - Elvis Presley. It left a huge impetus oh him.

In April, 2007. he signed with One Records and in July of the same year, “Street Dancer” was released.

In July, 2008. Dragan Mars was invited to join to Dado Topic, one of the greatest legends of Yugoslavian rock music, as a lead guitarist, but nothing came of it in the end.

In January, 2010. He was releasing his second solo album “Twister Of Dreams” with the One Records, produced by Dragan Petronic Gaga, who worked with the Sting and Edin Karamazov. On June, he promoted the album on the open buss in Belgrade and became the first musician in history to do so in Eastern Europe. The curiosity was the special guest star Nick Z. Marino (Vocalist and Keyboards player of Yngiwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force).

With Per Erik - Hallin at Seglora church

"Twister of Dreams" promotion on open bus

In December, 2013. Dragan Mars was released his third solo album under the Swedish “Söderstrom Entertainment”, called “Glittering And Gold”, produced again by Dragan Petronic Gaga. Everything else is history today.

Enjoy the music!

(By Suzana Denadija)